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According to the artist who created the concept, the design pays homage, among other things, to mathematics and music. The meticulously calculated distribution of the Morse code that adorns the wall tiles is pure mathematics. The movement or "flow" of the characters is interpreted as visual music by the beholder and is meant to elicit his or her inner melody. Complementing this artistic orchestration are monochromatic, big-game trophies symbolising an archaic connection to Mother Nature.
The colours transform mere mortal remains into glorious mystical symbols, piercing the realm of the immaterial with the tips of their horns. This creates a zone of Klein's "immateriality", a zone of focused non-being. The vibrations of pure colour open doors to the spirituality of the room's occupant, inspiring the spirit, touching the chords of the soul, and imparting strength to the body.
A-9920 SILLIAN | Haus ober der Kirche 24 g | +43 664 4379685 |
A-9920 SILLIAN | Haus ober der Kirche 24 g |
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